Ethical Hacking services that helps to uncover critical vulnerabilities before bad guys exploit them.

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About us

We are curious.
Curiosity drives us to test unexpected scenarios.
To dare to break stuff.
To point out the real issues.

CLOAKED experts conducted hundreds of security assessments. Along the way, we also acquired numerous certificates and reported numerous critical issues. We offer insight into them, our bug bounty results and awarded CVEs.

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Our Services

We offer variety of security services - ranging from typical black or white box assessments to double blind external assessments.

Our most demanded services are listed below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom service inquiry.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses in exposed services and configuration of your internal or external network.

Web Applications Testing

Test your web application for XSS, XXE, SQL injection, and many more than just mere OWASP Top 10.

Mobile Applications Testing

Test your Android or iOS application for classic and mobile-specific security issues.

System and Software Security Testing

Perform detailed analysis of your system and software security posture. We will identify and report privilege escalation issues and other issues.

POC exploits and security tools development

Need to triage or analyze known weakness? Request tools used to expose security vulnerabilities.

Wi-Fi Security Assessments

Identify weak spots of your wireless network configuration.

Social Engineering Campaigns

Improve security-awarness of your employees with tailored social engineering exercise.

Secure Code Review

Review your code to verify that proper security controls are present.

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